Currently validating startup ideas as a fellow at the 776 Foundation. My current focus is on building software and hardware tools for the circular economy.

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Exploring the influence of urban context on building energy retrofit performance: A hybrid simulation and data-driven approach
August 2021
Alex Nutkiewicz, Benjamin Choi, Rishee Jain
Advances in Applied Energy
ChemPix: Automated Recognition of Hand-Drawn Hydrocarbon Structures Using Deep Learning
July 2021
Hayley Weir, Keiran Thompson, Amelia Woodward, Benjamin Choi, Augustin Braun, Todd J. Martínez
Chemical Science
Techniques for Collecting Shadow-Free Imagery with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Precision Agriculture
May 2021
Benjamin Choi
Stanford Digital Repository
Context-Aware Urban Energy Efficiency Optimization Using Hybrid Physical Models
December 2020
Benjamin Choi, Alex Nutkiewicz, Rishee Jain
NeurIPS 2020 Workshop on Machine Learning for Engineering Modeling, Simulation, and Design
Crowd-Sourced Road Quality Mapping in the Developing World
December 2020
Benjamin Choi, John Kamalu
NeurIPS 2020 Workshop on Machine Learning for the Developing World


Built a shopping copilot to reduce time spent combing through reviews!
MPLabron James
Basketball-playing robot named after Microchip's MPLab X IDE and legendary NBA basketball player Lebron James.
Pursuit & Tie
Fully operational arcade-style James Bond-themed driving simulator from scratch!
In-depth analysis and data viz of the Olympics using R and the tidyverse.
A social distancing app adopted by New York's 87 million Metro-North riders.
Voya Sol
Systems engineering for distributed energy storage & generation for off-grid communities in Zimbabwe.
United States Earth Science Organization
Educating the next generation of high school Earth scientists.
Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit
Bring together Fortune 500 plastics executives, activists, and educators to discuss ocean plastic mitigation.
MIT EnergyHack/Toyota Research Institute
Combating Air Pollution in New Delhi with Repurposed Batteries.
EE214A Final Project
Design & Optimization of a Fully Differential Amplifier for an Optical Sensor.
Capturing View-Dependent Optics in 3D Feature Embeddings
June 2019
Benjamin Choi
CS 231N Final Project.