I'm an undergrad at Stanford University studying Electrical Engineering. My research is in the Urban Informatics Lab, advised by Professor Rishee Jain. I work on city-scale energy modeling to better understand how and when energy resources are used. My goal is to make cities smarter and more sustainable, such as by identifying energy inefficiencies in buildings and improving mobility through safe, intelligent public transit systems.

Prior to Stanford, I went to high school in Lexington, MA, during which I did reasonably well in various science competitions (which for some of you, might be why you're here). Outside of being a full-time student/researcher, I enjoy watering my plants, taking the occasional photo, and wishing I could play guitar as well as John Mayer.


Road Mapping in Low Data Environments with OpenStreetMap
December 2019
John Kamalu, Benjamin Choi
Capturing View-Dependent Optics in 3D Feature Embeddings
June 2019
Benjamin Choi
Comparison of Standalone Clustering Techniques and Hybridized Clustering Framework for Maximally-Disparate Climate Zones
October 2018
Benjamin Choi
Climate Outreach with a Simple Model: The Web Climate Lab
August 2017
Erwan Monier, Lincoln Berkley, Benjamin Choi, Benjamin Brown-Steiner